• Creating Creatures from Concept to Final Render

    Creating Creatures from Concept to Final Render

    For my presentation, I will be showcasing my workflow on a full character creation, From concepting in ZBrush, sculpting, Polypainting, rendering in Keyshot with some quick tweaks in Photoshop to finalized the image. If I have the time, I'll also quickly go over how to 3D print this character using ZBrush to clean the mesh and sent it to the printer. I will be sculpting an organic model with some mechanical parts in highlighting the follow features of ZBrush, ZSpheres, Insert Mesh brushes, Dynamesh ZRemesher, Polypaint and much more....

    My presentation will be focused on creating a sculpt much like the models in the links below. However, I will be completing a more finished sculpt with more definition:


    I will also be sharing a new brush that I made which I think people will find very useful :)

    Some of you may know Damien as the creator of the Dam Standard brush.

    I started to work in 2000 in a small advertising company, mostly learning CG by myself. After few years I worked for a video game studio called Eden Games where I really worked as CG artist and trained myself to become a character artist. In 2007 i started to work as freelancer, working for lots of studios: Ubisoft, Crytek, Liquid Development, Digic Pictures and finally Blur for which I'm currently working full time.

  • Sculpting Stylized Vinyl Figures with Funko

    Sculpting Stylized Vinyl Figures with Funko

    Join Funko’s Senior Sculptors as they showcase their pipeline and methods in creating stylized vinyl figures. They will also touch on how ZBrush has evolved and streamlined their process at Funko over the past few years.

    Headquartered in Everett, WA, Funko is a leading pop culture consumer products company. Known for its whimsical, fun and unique products that enable fans to express their affinity for their favorite “something”—whether it is a movie, TV show, video game, musician or sports team, Funko infuses its distinct designs and aesthetic sensibility into one of the industry’s largest portfolios of licensed content over a wide variety of product categories, including figures, plush, accessories,

    apparel and homewares. Funko’s Pop! Vinyl is one of the most popular stylized vinyl collectibles on the market, selling millions of figures to collectors around the world. In 2015, Funko received a majority investment from ACON Investments, L.L.C, a diversified international private equity firm. Learn more at https://funko.com, and follow us on Twitter (@OriginalFunko) and Instagram (@OriginalFunko).

    Amanda Brock is a Senior Sculptor at Funko. She graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2014 with a BFA in Video Game Art & Design. She has been making toys and vinyl figures with Funko since 2014, mostly focusing on Star Wars and video game licenses.

    Anna is a Senior Sculptor. Graduating from DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2013, she started working at Funko shortly after and has been fulfilling her passion for sculpting characters and figures in ZBrush.

    Darcy Harlan is the Lead Sculptor at Funko. She graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2013 with a BFA in 2D and 3D Animation. She has been working and creating vinyl figures with Funko since 2013.

    Nena Ijiomah is a Senior Sculptor and Concept Designer who has been making toys and figures with Funko since 2013.

  • 30 Min. Break

  • Sketch-2-Screen



    Aaron Sims Creative is a development, design, and visual effects studio responsible for some of the most iconic characters, creatures, and worlds in film, TV, and gaming.

    We pride ourselves on a design-first approach to creature & world-building design that develops iconic characters from concept to on-screen debut via our 'Sketch to Screen' pipeline, combining the best of concept design, rapid prototyping, previsualization and visual effects, resulting in unforgettable creatures, worlds, and visual storytelling.

    Aaron Sims, the mind behind some of this generation’s most unforgettable cinema creatures, began his career over three decades ago as a special effects artist working alongside industry icons Rick Baker and Stan Winston (Evil Dead, Gremlins 2, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Men In Black). His pioneering techniques in the world of visual effects influenced the face of character and creature design in Film, Television, Games, Previsualization, and VFX early on in their application.

    In 2005, Aaron Sims Creative was formed in order to bring together a wide range of the world’s most talented concept and visual effects artists and create memorable characters, creatures and VFX (Planet of the Apes, Wonder Woman, Stranger Things, and many more). Aaron's unparalleled skill and dedication to consistently creating stunning content for all platforms of visual entertainment has led ASC to become the premiere boutique studio for creature and franchise design & development.

    While working at a Border's bookstore one day, Jared stumbled upon a collection of books featuring 3D artists and all of the work they were doing. This would ignite Jared's love affair with digital art. He quit his job and applied for the full time CG Certificate at Gnomon School of VFX. Having never touched 3D prior to that, the schooling was exhausting and technically challenging. While there he managed to procure an Internship at Aaron Sims Creative working on Aaron's short film, Archetype as a CG Generalist.

    Now Jared is a full time creature and character artist working on such films as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 & 2, Gods of Egypt, Conjuring 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Wonder Woman as well as upcoming features like Stephen King's It and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One. Jared lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 3 dogs.

    Horror hound and creature freak from Little Rock, Arkansas. Concept Designer, Look Development and Asset Production at Aaron Sims Creative.

    Steffen Reichstadt began his career as a fine arts oil painter and an art gallery producer in Los Angeles. Teaming up with Aaron Sims in 2008, he was one of the first employees in the pivotal founding of Aaron Sims Creative. Over the years Reichstadt has taken on a leadership role, overseeing production in both design and VFX for hundreds of ASC's iconic projects.

    Now firmly established as the resident Creative Director and one of the company's lead artists, Reichstadt continues to lead the vision for development and design at ASC and its expanding portfolio in Film, TV, Digital, and 3D Prototyping projects.

  • The Character Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

    The Character Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

    In their presentation Arno Schmitz and Ben Erdt will give an insight into the high poly character workflow of the PS4 title Horizon: Zero Dawn. By showing actual high-poly models from the game in ZBrush, Arno and Ben will be explaining how ZBrush was used to create the high res meshes covering a large palette of different materials, ranging from fabrics to robotic plates.

    Guerrilla is one of Europe's leading game development companies and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. We started in 2000, and have pushed the boundaries of technical and artistic excellence in our games ever since. Today, we employ more than 200 professionals from 25 different nationalities. Our studio is located in the cultural and historical center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands — a great place to work and play.

    Arno is currently working as a Senior Character Artist at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, where he contributed to Killzone Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn. Due to work done during his bachelor’s at the NHTV, Arno received the Huygens Scholarship and was accepted at the Florence Academy of Art. The observation and anatomy knowledge learned by doing fine arts translates back into his 3D efforts. His work has been featured on various websites and magazines such as 3D Artist and 3D Total.

    Ben Erdt is a Character / Creature Designer and Modeler, currently working at Guerrilla Games as a Senior Character Artist. Over the past ten years, his initial interests in creating CG characters as a hobby turned into a serious and passionate endeavor. Ben is comfortable with many styles, loves collaborative projects and enjoys drawing, sculpting, modeling, texturing as well as rendering. He continuously tries to improve his skills through constant study and practice.

  • Top Tips for ZBrush 4R8

    Top Tips for ZBrush 4R8

    Presented by Joseph Drust.



    I will be presenting an overview of the creation process from my last model that I created during beta testing of ZBrush4R8, the"GUARDIAN 2.0". I will be giving a live demo on the various features I used to create the "GUARDIAN 2.0".

    My name is Cki, i’m 37 years old, I work as a 3D concept designer from France in Hard Surface for companies like Nvidia, Bioware, Activision, Blur Studio and others. Prior to that, I worked as Lead artist in a small company called NKI in Paris. For 13 years I did modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering,compositing for French companies. In 2013 I decided to switch careers and go into Concept Design.

  • 30 Min. Break

  • Weapons of Destiny 2

    Weapons of Destiny 2

    The presentation will consist of a collection of weapon renders from Destiny 2, followed by a demo in ZBrush highlighting various features and techniques I commonly use for asset creation.

    Bungie is an independent, employee-owned game development studio dedicated to creating hopeful worlds that inspire passionate player communities. For more than two-and-a-half decades that purpose has led to the creation of some of the industry’s most celebrated gaming franchises, including Marathon, Myth, Halo, and Destiny. Today, Bungie is focused on developing the next highly-anticipated release in the Destiny universe, Destiny 2.

    Michael Climer is a hard surface/mechanical artist, who studied traditional and digital art at Bowling Green State University and Academy of Art University. With over 11 years of professional experience and 9 shipped titles, he continues advancing his craft using the latest software and hardware available.

  • Dan Katcher, Character Creation in Zbrush. An inside out approach

    Dan Katcher, Character Creation in Zbrush. An inside out approach

    In this demo I will show how to use ZBrush to make photo-realistic characters for all manner of media. The techniques I will share are rooted in my "old school" training in anatomy and clay figurative sculpture. I will show how the wide array of features in ZBrush can be utilized to further develop these techniques and bring new life to creature design. Many of my personal secrets will be revealed.

    Dan Katcher is a renowned Los Angeles-based creature designer for television, video games, and film. He is best known for his design of the dragons on HBO’s hit, Game of Thrones, which earned him Emmy recognition for three straight seasons. In addition to Game of Thrones, Dan is currently at work on creatures for a number of DC Comic productions, including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

    Dan was trained in New York City at the School of Visual Arts, where he majored in Animation, and at the Art Students League, where he learned clay figurative sculpture from experts in the field. Dan later trained in both Maya and ZBrush, and is considered a leader in his utilization of the latter platform. Dan credits his traditional art background for the depth of understanding of anatomy that sets his work apart.

  • Ubisoft Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Ubisoft Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I will be going through the character pipeline for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Tools and process for creating hundreds of assets for character customization and populating a world.

    Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands. The teams throughout Ubisoft's worldwide network of studios and business offices are committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms.

    Completed a Masters of Art degree in Computer Animation from NCCA Bournemouth University in the UK in 2000. Since then I’ve been working as Lead Animator, Technical Director and Lead Character Artist. My work includes the Hitman Blood Money, Hitman Absolution and Ghost Recon Wildlands. Been using ZBrush in production since version 1.5 came out.

  • 3rd Annual ZBrush Awards

    3rd Annual ZBrush Awards

    This year marks the third annual ZBrush Awards ceremony. The ZBrush Awards are given to artists that have been nominated by their peers at ZBrushCentral.com. Every post between June 15, 2016 and June 14, 2017 is eligible for an award.

    See your nominees

  • XM Studios

    XM Studios


    XM™ is an award-winning producer of hand crafted luxury art collectibles based on the world’s most popular Pop Culture Brands. Sourcing only the finest artisans, experienced sculptors, renowned painters with contributions from the most discerning collector communities, XM Studios endeavours to create only the most outstanding original work of collectible art pieces. Current franchise properties include Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Hasbro, Century Fox, Top Cow Comics and Jade Dynasty Comics.

    The XM Team will be sharing how digital sculpting tools such as ZBrush fits into the process of making a XM collectible. From production cycle start to end, the team will touch on the streamlining benefits of digital sculpting and demonstrate using actual product models on how ZBrush can improve efficiency and foster collaboration between teams of artists.

    I am a 3D artist with 10 years' experience. I started my career in the game industry, working on environment, prop and character assets. In early 2017, I joined XM Studios as Art Director.

    To date I have worked for multiple licenses from DC, Marvel, Star Wars and many others as both sculptor and art director. I enjoy character creation the most. Being able to sculpt and direct statue collectibles is a dream come true.

    Suheryanto Hatmaja (Hery) is a professional 3D artist with 11 years of experience working in the game industry as an environment, character, and 2D concept artist. He has been involved with multiple AAA titles including installments in the Assassin`s Creed series, Ghost Recon, Tekken 7, Ace Combat 7, etc. All of this served to rapidly strengthen his art skill and style direction.

    It also miraculously brought him into the toy & collectible industry that defined his next career path. He has now been involved with more than 16 statues for Marvel, DC, and Hasbro, among many others. His passion for the art of statue creation encouraged him to learn deeper about 3D printing technology to bring digital sculptures into reality.

  • Design for Production - Descendants 2 Disney

    Design for Production - Descendants 2 Disney

    Cesar Dacol Jr, Creature Design Supervisor and Colin Davis, Visual Effects Supervisor from SpinVFX, will share unique insight into the design process employed by SpinVFX on the Disney film Descendants 2. From Design Spectrum's, Presentation, Design Approval, Production Asset and staying on target. Come join them as they discuss the benefits and immense flexibility that ZBrush introduces into production. From initial idea, to render asset and all the changes in between.

    Established in 1987, SPIN is a creative and technically dedicated visual effects studio producing captivating imagery for feature film and television. SPIN’s roots trace back to creative and technological innovations that are now standard in visual effects facilities around the globe. SPIN VFX has evolved into an internationally recognized Visual Effects studio, working with respected Directors, VFX Supervisors and Producers.

    With television credits that include the Emmy award-winning series Game of Thrones (HBO), Neil Jordan’s thrice Emmy nominated The Borgias (Showtime), and film credits such as the recently released Suicide Squad (Warner Bros./DC), Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows (Columbia Pictures), J Blakeson’s The Fifth Wave (Columbia Pictures), and the Academy Award winning biopic Spotlight, SPIN VFX delivers on vision. SPIN is located in Toronto with sales and support in Los Angeles.

    Cesar Dacol Jr., started his career in the makeup effects industry and transitioned to CG in the mid 90s. From the Gigantosaurus in Journey to the Center of the Earth to the Werewolves in The Mortal Instruments, this talented artist has carved a path in animated features such as The Wild (Disney), Happy Feet 2 (Warner Bros.), and live action features that include, Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox), 300 (Warner Bros.), The Incredible Hulk (Universal Pictures), and Robocop (MGM/Columbia).

    Currently Cesar is the Creature Concept Supervisor/Art Director at SpinVFX in Toronto, Canada. There he is overseeing the creature development on Disney's The Descendants 2 and the sci-fi hit TV series The Expanse from Alcon Entertainment. In his leisure time, Cesar is an avid teacher, sharing his passion for sculpting through learning materials for Gnomon, Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Phoenix Atelier and his own series of videos called "Monster Month" and "Basement Monsters."

    Colin Davies’ career in visual effects spans over 18 years. He joined SPIN in 1999 and later became Partner. His background in live action filmmaking and animation direction made for a natural transition to visual effects supervision. His credits include productions that have won a BAFTA, an Emmy and an Academy Award.

  • 30 Min. Break

  • EA Motive

    EA Motive

    EA Motive will share how ZBrush was used in their workflow for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 single player campaign. Join artists Pierre-Olivier Levesque, Vince Rizzi & Patrick Anderson in their official ZBrush Summit presentation.

    Our Motive:

    We're a team of designers, developers, artists, engineers, and storytellers, driven to enrich players' lives through meaningful entertainment. We believe there is a player who wants to escape to a world without limits - who is driven by relentless discovery. We make games for them.

    Our Team:

    We're passionate, creative collaborators, seeking to connect the world through play. We aren't afraid of taking the risks that make for unforgettable games.

    "Everyone in this industry has a motive, an idea they want to bring to life, a new idea they'd like to see in a game. It’s what’s so great about this industry."
    - Jade Raymond

    Patrick is a Senior Character Artist living and working in Montreal, Canada at the newly established EA Motive Studio. Originally from Nottingham, England he studied at the NCCA in Bournemouth before starting his career. He is happy to have worked in the games industry for ten years alongside many talented friends at Free Radial Design, Crytek, Dambuster Studios and now EA Motive. During that time, he worked on titles from the Timesplitters, Crysis and Star Wars: Battlefront Series.

    Pierre-Olivier started his career as a Generalist in the VFX industry on a wide range of movies, commercials and TV shows such as Underworld Awakening, Riddick and many others. After a while, he shifted to the character art world.

    His new passion landed him in studios such as Mikros Image, Gameloft and Digital Dimension where he produced characters for film, games and cinematics. Just over a year ago, he joined the team at the new EA Motive Studios based in Montreal.

    Vince is a senior character artist at EA MOTIVE in Montreal. He began his career at Ubisoft working on several AAA titles such as Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Splinter Cell Blacklist and For Honor. For his latest project, Vince has the pleasure to work on a franchise that's been a childhood favorite: Star Wars!

  • The Art of Shadow Warrior 2

    The Art of Shadow Warrior 2

    The character art team from Flying Wild Hog will show their work from the Shadow Warrior 2 game. During the presentation they will show more than 40 enemies, different weapons and environments that used ZBrush.

    Flying Wild Hog was established in April 2009 in Warsaw by Tomek Baran, Michał Szustak and Klaudiusz Zych. Since then the studio has been working on our own engine RoadHog and our first title - Hard Reset - releasing the game in September 2011 for PC. In September 2013 together with Devolver Digital we released for PC Shadow Warrior, a total reimagining of this classic FPS, again using our engine Roadhog. In October 2014 we released Shadow Warrior for XBox One and PS4. In December 2014 we published digitally our game Juju - a colorful platformer game for PC, XBox 360 and PS3. In October 2016 we released for PC our best game yet: Shadow Warrior 2.

    Pawel is a character artist and digital sculptor with about 10 years industry experience, mainly in creation characters for games, cinematics and commercials. Paul has been working as a senior character artist at Flying Wild Hog since 2010. With a strong passion for sculpting and 3d printing, he is producing his own line of collectible resin kits. He is also teaching 3d art as a private tutor, as well as an instructor at Warsaw based GameDevSchool.

    My name is Pawel Libiszewski and I'm passionate about art -- especially digital. In my work I try to grow in the world of video games and computer animation, combining digital art with the analog world. My specialty is organic forms. Currently I'm working at Flying Wild Hog as an Art Director.

    I was born 1974 in Cracow, Poland. In 2002 I entered Cracow’s Fine Arts Academy, graduating in 2005 before going to work for Epic Games (Poland). From 2014 through today I have been involved with Flying Wild Hog as a Senior Character Artist.

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