LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off

This year, you're the star of the show.


LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off

In previous years, you've watched industry luminaries compete for the coveted championship title. This year, it's your turn.

In celebration of our amazing community, we are opening the opportunity to the public to compete online in the 2020 LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off. Contestants will be required to stream live for the duration of the competition. All ZBrushers are welcome to participate, including users of ZBrush, ZBrushCore, ZBrushCoreMini, or the ZBrush 2020 Trial version. If you can stream ZBrush live, you're eligible to be featured in the live event.

If you already have a ZBrushCentral user account, please use the email address associated with that account when registering.

If not, please use the email address on your registration form below when creating your ZBrushCentral user account. Contestants will be asked to post final renders on ZBC to be eligible for prizes.

Theme : Steampunk

Fasten your goggles and wind up your gears for some nostalgia that never was. This year's theme invites contestants to visit an alternate history of airships, clockwork characters, and more. Take your imagination to a fantastical steam-powered past with ZBrush.

Application Form

The final day for applications is November 05, 2020.

Please read and understand the complete contestant information before applying.

Contest Judges

Furio Tedeschi
Furio Tedeschi
Principal Concept Artist
CD Projekt Red

2015-2017 LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off Champion
LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off Hall of Fame

Maarten Verhoeven
Maarten Verhoeven
Digital Concept Sculptor

2018 LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off Champion

Marlon Nunez
Marlon Nunez

2017 LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off Champion