2019 ZBrush Awards

This year marks the fourth annual ZBrush Awards ceremony. The ZBrush Awards are given to artists that have been nominated by their peers at ZBrushCentral.com. Every post between June 15, 2019 and June 14, 2019 will be eligible for an award. Start casting your votes for next year's winners!

ZBrush Honorary Award

Andrew Cawrse, Anatomy Tools
Andrew Cawrse

Andrew Cawrse is an internationally accomplished Sculptor, Anatomist & Teacher

Andrew has a distinguished background in Movie Visual Effects, with over 9 years at the company Industrial Light & Magic as a CG model supervisor, digital concept artist & sculptor. His effects work has been featured in the films "Avatar", "Jurassic Park 4", "Star Wars Episode I & II", "Mission to Mars", "Van Helsing", "Dreamcatcher", "Galaxy Quest" and "The Spiderwick Chronicles". Andrew has also worked as a model development lead on "Pirates of The Carribean II", and as a consultant on "The Avengers".

While pursuing his interest in anatomy, Andrew later started the company AnatomyTools.com which he co-founded with his wife and Managing Director Grace Fua. From his work in this company, he is recognized as a creator of some of the most incredible sculptures & products for anatomy education. His Anatomical work has been shown on the BBC, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Bravo, Mythbusters and a variety of forensic and educational programming worldwide.

His clients include, MGM, Cirque du Soleil, 20th Century Fox, Sony Entertainment, Nintendo, Lucasfilm ltd, BBC, IBM, Apple Inc., Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, Weta-Digital, Weta-Workshop, Blizzard Entertainment, Valve Corporation, Epic Games, Nintendo, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, American Association of Clinical Anatomists, International Anaplastology Association, International Association of Medical Illustrators, to name a few.

Andrew is also one of the world's most sought after anatomy instructors; tutoring surgeons, physicians, and artists in the fine art, movie & game industries. He has been an invited guest speaker internationally, and has received many awards including from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery award for Lecture contribution to cosmetic surgery Advancement.

Andrew is also a dedicated figurative fine-artist. His work has been shown in New York by the National Sculpture Society by award & invitation, he has private collectors worldwide and he is scheduled to start releasing works publicly in 2020.

He has given much to the ZBrush community as an industry leader, artist, and teacher, as well as a valuable contributor to the program's original development.

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To qualify, works must have been posted at ZBC between June 15, 2018 and June 14, 2019. Nominations for threads must include a minimum of 6 images. ZBrush must have been an integral part of the creation process to qualify. For collaborations (including studios), all artists names will be present on the award that both worked on the project, and posted images within the winning ZBrushCentral thread.