ZBrush Workshops led by Industry Pros

On-site in Hollywood · Sep. 30th-Oct 01

Whether you are interested in VFX for film, video game asset creation, character design or simply want to sharpen your ZBrush skills, you can learn from the best in the business with this special opportunity.

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    Saturday September 30 : 9:00 - 1:00PM

    Hard Surface, High Octane - Modeling an R2800 Radial Engine in ZBrush

    Take a step into the world of hard-surface modeling in ZBrush with this comprehensive workshop. Join Henry as he guides you through the creation of an R2800 radial engine from the ground up. Work will begin by taking what appears to be a complex asset and breaking it down into simple, manageable steps. From the initial blockouts to final details, this workshop encompasses a complete workflow interspersed with practical tips and tricks.

    You’ll dive into pivotal ZBrush features for hard-surface modeling, including ZModeler, Array Mesh, and Nano Mesh, to name a few. You'll also become proficient in manipulating the Gizmo and its Deformers while learning to manage and optimize topology for crisp, efficient models. As the workshop progresses, you'll acquire various strategies tailored for hard-surface modeling in ZBrush. By the end of the session, participants will walk away with an arsenal of tools for future projects.

    Henry Chervenka Henry Chervenka

    Initially an automotive airbrush artist, Henry traded the airbrush for a Cintiq and transitioned into the world of 3D in 2010. This move not only brought the ability to translate ideas to clients more efficiently but also introduced him to ZBrush, which became the canvas for his future endeavors. ZBrush's approach to hard-surface allowed Henry to harness his meticulous eye for detail, trained through years of airbrushing, to craft hyper-realistic hard-surface models.

    This career shift paved the way for collaborations with numerous studios, university project contributions, and a vast product visualization initiative experience. He is now the CEO of 3D Dynamic Studios, LLC, a studio focusing on the emerging field of AI weapon detection. Aside from professional work, Henry has spent the past seven years as an online instructor, sharing his experience and insights to inspire others in their 3D journey.

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    Saturday September 30 : 9:00 - 1:00PM

    Concept sculpting in ZBrush for comic-style illustration

    Join Pablo Munoz Gomez as he takes you on a step-by-step journey through his entire workflow to create an awesome 'comic style' illustration using ZBrush. You’ll explore ways for developing tools, materials, brushes and meshes while taking advantage of various features in ZBrush to speed up the process!

    By the end of the workshop, you'll be rocking the 'comic style' illustration game and have some epic pieces to add to your portfolio. It's a chance to meet other awesome artists, share ideas, and learn from each other. There will also be some cool surprises!

    All students will receive a copy of Reallusion's Character Creator 4.

    Pablo Munoz Gomez Pablo Munoz Gomez

    I'm Pablo Munoz Gomez, a 3D concept and character artist, and I have a passion for education. My work revolves around 3D sculpting, visual development, and a variety of mixed-media projects. I'm the founder of the ZBrushGuides website, the 3Dconceptartist academy, and the 3DSnippets project.

    These platforms are where I showcase my work, share my workflows, and, most importantly, assist fellow artists in honing their skills across different topics. It brings me immense joy to see other artists level up and succeed through the resources I provide.

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    9 Seats Left

    Saturday September 30 : 3:00 - 7:00PM

    Creating a Digital Meal with Patrick 4D

    Welcome to the digital kitchen! Ride along with Patrick 4D as he creates a Maxon-inspired meal from scratch in ZBrush. This workshop will go over Patrick 4D’s typical processes while showcasing the necessary steps for creating one of his digital delicacies. Patrick 4D will be using ZBrush for 90% of the workshop, where he will highlight sculpting/modeling of a meal, followed by adding some finishing elements to the model in Cinema 4D. The workshop will conclude with a brief run-down of Patrick 4D’s process in Octane. See you there!

    Patrick 4D  Patrick 4D

    Patrick 4D is Patrick Foley, a 3D Artist based in Atlanta GA specializing in digital photorealism within the food and product space. Previously a Director of Photography in the commercial/film industry, Patrick leverages his knowledge in camera, lighting, and composition inside 3D programs such as Zbrush and Cinema 4D to create photorealistic indulgences.

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    Saturday September 30 : 3:00 - 7:00PM

    ZBrush Usage for Game Character Creation

    The workshop will delve into Joseph's expert utilization of ZBrush for crafting AAA gaming characters. Participants will gain insights into his strategic approach, harnessing scan data, reusable assets, and innovative techniques to amplify both creative output and production efficiency. Additionally, invaluable ZBrush tips and tricks will be shared, accompanied by guidance on troubleshooting challenges that may arise when navigating diverse software platforms.

    Joseph Drust Joseph Drust

    A Lead Character Artist at Atomic Arcade, whose passion for the CG industry and character design has spanned over two decades. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills using ZBrush, becoming a seasoned expert in the tool. His expertise in ZBrush pipelines and processes led him to create valuable tutorials, sharing his knowledge with aspiring artists worldwide.

    When not immersed in the digital realm, Joseph finds solace and inspiration in his backyard (often thinking about Earthquake.)

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    Sunday October 01 : 9:00 - 1:00PM

    Bringing your ZBrush Creations to Life Using Character Creator

    Ride along with Michael as he walks the class through creating a custom character using Character Creator and ZBrush. Workflow and processes will include facial expressions, applying wrinkle maps, creating custom clothing and accessories along with creating variants of a character! Michael will also highlight procedures for modifying expression shapes in both Character Creator and ZBrush. We will also be using custom clothing and accessory creations with a variety of characters, cleaning up weights, and finally using Headshot 2.0 to take legacy ZBrush sculpts further while ensuring compatibility with the Character Creator system. You’ll have everything you need to easily bring all your character work to life!

    All students will receive a copy of Reallusion's Character Creator 4.

    Michael Pavlovich Michael Pavlovich

    Michael Pavlovich graduated from Ringling College in 2005 with a Bachelors in Computer Animation. He created environment and character art for Madden and NCAA Football, then moved to Austin to work on DC Universe Online at Daybreak Games. Currently, Michael is the Director of Character, Weapon, and Vehicle Art, specializing in iterative pipelines for Certain Affinity while they help develop video game franchises including Halo, COD, and DOOM.

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    Sunday October 01 : 3:00 - 7:00PM

    Stylized Characters (Implied animation in Sculpture)

    In this workshop I will be sculpting a stylized Medusa head designed by Jason Sadler.

    We will make the basic forms using clean simple shapes to create an appealing, fun character. Once we have created our default head, we will work on an interesting expression to help create a story moment. To help sell that story moment we will be creating what I call "implied animation" to the snake elements to enhance and give "movement" to our character.

    Michael Defeo Michael Defeo

    Michael Defeo is a sculptor whose specialty lies in translating 2-D character designs into full-fledged 3-D models. He hand-built the modeling and sculpting studios at Blue Sky Studios and served as the head of each for 15 years. While with his pals at Blue Sky, Michael brought countless characters to life for ICE AGE, ICE AGE 2, ICE AGE 3, ICE AGE 4, ROBOTS, HORTON HEARS A WHO, RIO, and EPIC.

    Now living in Portland Oregon, Michael is the Lead Digital Sculptor for stop motion animation studio, Laika.

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    Sunday October 01 : 3:00 - 7:00PM

    Zbrush to Unreal 5: Speedsculpting Models in ZBrush and Rendering them in Real Time

    Ana takes you into the world of creating a ZBrush sculpture using innovative speed sculpting tricks while introducing Unreal Engine 5. You’ll learn quick and easy rendering processes meant to bring your work to new heights.

    Ana Carolina is specialized in presenting efficient and flexible workflows while providing manageable breakdowns and easy-to-understand processes.

    Ana Carolina Pereira Ana Carolina Pereira

    I am a passionate artist and creator who love working with 3D art and sculpture. I have years of experience in workshop teaching and mentorship and I'm excited to share my knowledge with the next generation of artists. The goal is to help you unleash your creativity and show you how fun and rewarding the creative process can be.